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Case Studies

Please explore a few of our past client engagements. Due to the strategic and transformational nature of our work, our clients' identities are always kept confidential for case studies.

FuseIQ Life Sciences Client

Global Life Sciences Technology Provider

Strategic and organizational transformation from a product-driven company to a solutions and outcomes company.


Capabilities Deployed: Brand, Strategy, Creative, Insights, Innovation, Culture

FuseIQ Financial Services Client

Major U.S. Credit Card Issuer

Competitive repositioning, business innovation and transformation in response to an economic downturn and industry disruption.

Capabilities Deployed: Brand, Strategy, 

Innovation, Insights, Culture

FuseIQ Audio/Video Technology Client

Global Entertainment Technology Company

Building and leveraging a consumer brand to enable growth and product/service expansion in a hostile B2B environment.

Capabilities Deployed: Brand, Strategy, Insights

FuseIQ Apparel & Footwear Retail Client

Major North American Retailer

Overcoming a flattened growth curve through brand repositioning, strategy clarification, and development of a purpose-driven organization.

Capabilities Deployed: Brand, Strategy, Culture, Insights

FuseIQ US Microfinance Services Client

US Microfinance Startup

Competitive positioning, rebranding and strategic blueprinting in advance of an impending IPO.

Capabilities Deployed: Brand, Strategy, Creative, Innovation, Culture, Insights

FuseIQ Biotech Client

International Biotech Company

Culture strategy, employer branding, and employee experience to support a transformation from R&D to commercialization.

Capabilities Deployed: Brand, Strategy, Creative, Innovation, Culture

FuseIQ Health & Fitness Industry Client

Fitness Technology Startup

Repositioning and revitalizing a 10-year-old startup to capitalize on the rapidly evolving market opportunity.

Capabilities Deployed: Brand, Strategy, Culture, Insights

FuseIQ Wealth Management & Financial Planning Client

US Wealth Management Firm

Competitive repositioning, marketing strategy, strategy execution, and organizational alignment to capture "money in motion" after an economic downturn.

Capabilities Deployed: Brand, Strategy, Innovation, Culture, Insights

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